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5 best romantic places in Vietnam

For those who plan to travel with your beloved partner, here are the top list of romantic places in Vietnam which you should visit. 

  1. Sapa

The natural beauty and attractions sites is the main reason why Sapa is always on top of the most favorite destinations of visitors. You will experience 4 seasons in a day when being here. In the morning, the mist rolls across the peaks that makes a fantastic scenery. After morning foggy, it turns to be hot in noon and then the temperature will decrease slowly.

Sapa has a beauty that is the combination of modern and ancient style. You will feel like being back in time when visitng the Church and the old coffees Enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee, watching the local life, you will feel that the time is frozen.

Especially, “Love Market” in Sapa is one of the unique feature of the culture of minority ethnic here. You will see boys and girls go dating and taking part in many fantastic games, singing and dancing together with music all night.

You and your partner can be suprised by magnificent landscapes of Sapa with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, with the simple nature.

If you plan to come in the winter, you can see a different Sapa with snow covered everywhere.


Pristine green field

  1. Halong Bay

There are about 2000 small islands in Ha Long Bay, which create an extrodinary beauty natural landscape. With its beautiful bay and the different shaped karst limestone, Ha Long Bay has been recognized as a World Heritagesite by UNESCO since 1994.

What makes Ha Long is one of the most romantics places in Vietnam is the time of sunsets and sunrises. The sunlight reflecting the waterways creates a yellow-red color that makes the scence more mystical. Standing in the boat and watching plate the charming Halong together with your lover, your love will be smelt together with the changing in the color of sun light.


Beautiful Halong Bay

  1. Hoi An

The ancient town Hoi An is an well-preserved historic town from 16th century. In the past, Hoi An used to be a famous trading port. Over the time, Hoi An turns to become s beautiful and peaceful destination with many galleries and classic stores that draw you for its ancient beauty.

The traditional dishes is the things you have to make sure to not be missed. There are plenty of tasty street foods with unexpected cheap price. It will be more interesting if you have time to figure out the way to cook and the story behind each dish.

Additionally, when the sun down, the town is very stunning with the many colorful lights definitely draws your attention. The highlight is the tranquil waterscape of colorful wooden boats along to the old town when.

Moving 5km from the center, you can find Cua Dai beach with full of activities such as surfing, jet skiing and kayaking, etc. Discover both the old historic and charming beach make this destination often placed on the top list of many travelers.


Hoi An – The city of lanterns & love

  1. Ba Na Hill

Ba Na hills is known as the Disneyland in Vietnam. It is equipped with the cable system with the height of 1300 meter above the sea level. From the cable cabinet, you can look until the endless tree line of the forests and many breath-taking views along the way that will take you far away from the busy life. The average temperature is around 18 C that is perfect weather to hang out. Besides, various games will make you and your partner be busy all day.


Ba Na Hills – Beauty in the clouds

  1. Da Lat – the City of Eternal Spring

Da Lat is in the central highlands of Vietnam in Lam Dong province. This elegant city will make you feel like getting lost in the charm Western city. It will create a total different picture of Vietnam in your eyes.

Da Lat is covered by dense mist almost year-round with cool temperature that makes it become the eternal spring city.

The nature with a lot of fields of blooming flowers is the most attractive feature of Da Lat. You can be soaked into the colorful fields of flowers. There is an annual Flower Festival often organized in the end of year. You can plan to visit Da Lat on this festival to see a fabulous city with thousands types of flowers.

You also can experience hiking and mountain biking through hills, tremendous Prenn waterfalls, organic farms and tea as well as coffee plantations.


Da Lat – Extremely an ideal places for all these travel fancies, especially for couples looking for the romantic places in Vietnam

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Best of Saigon Street Food and where you can find it

If you re in Singapore and looking for a nice trip to Vietnam, let’s check the simple steps to get Vietnam Visa in Singapore & draw out the plan to visit Hochiminh – the most hustle city in the South of Vietnam.  Besides, there are thousands of street-side stall offer delicious and tasty food. Following is the suggestion of the best street food you should try in Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon.

  1. Com suon

Com suon is one of the most popular dishes in lunch or dinner in Saigon. This dish is combination of rice and chopped grilled pork which will make you feel full quickly and cheaply. Additionally, There are a spoonful of fried onions in pork fat atop of this dish together with some crispy pieces of rind of pork. It is often served with a small bowl of vegetable broth or pickle. Besides, you can choose many other similar dishes, for example “Com suon op la” which is added a fried egg compared to normal com suon is highly recommended for those are hungrier.

Location: You can find it between Truong Dinh Street and Huyen Trang Cong Chua Street. On the opposite side of the park, you will see right away the pork grilled stall on the road side.



“Com suon” – popular & delicious Saigon food

  1. Banh beo

As the specialist from the central of Vietnam, it is said that Banh beo is the most typical dishes of the cuisine of Hue city, the ancient royal capital of Vietnam. You will be served small round discs of white rice cake steamed with typically savory ingredients in the center, such as shrimp, mung bean paste, scallions, fried shallots and so on. When eating together with sauce made from fish sauce, rice vinegar, chili, etc, it is such a perfect combination and you will feel the mysterious light fragrance. Because they usually come in multiples of 8 or 10, they are suitable to be enjoyed with your friends.

Location: Nam Giao, 136 Le Thanh Ton Street, in an alleyway behind Ben Thanh market. District 1



“Banh beo”

  1. Banh Da Xuc Hen

Banh da xuc hen is tasty snack combined of “banh da” and “hen”. “Banh da” a kind of cake which use main material as starch is thinly thinned into circles, then dried and can be grilled to eat. “Hen” is baby basket clams, it will be fried with Vietnamese coriander, chili, onion, garlic to make a simple part of this dish. It will be totally different from what you have tried. Another option is com hen, including rice topped with the same type of clams and small bowl of clam broth.

Location: Hong Hanh, 17A Nguyen Thi Minh Khao Street, District 1


“Hen xuc banh da”


  1. Banh canh cua

It is a kind of Vietnamese noodles with a thicker noodle made from both tapioca and rice flour (similar to Japanese udon noodles,). The noodles which are sticky and soft, and just slightly chewy. The thick crab soup includes a handful of de-shelled crab meat, thin slices of pork, a quail egg, a shrimp, and finally a crab meatball. The dishes is completed with a garnish of green onions and black pepper to a beauty dish. The taste of soup is warm and soothing, thicker than a normal bowl of soup noodle and not overly powerful in flavor.

Location: Kim Long, 80/68 Tran Quang Dieu Street, District 3



Tasty “Banh canh cua” with “Quay” 

  1. Banh cuon

It is the roll cake, originated from the North of Vietnam, which is made from steamed rice filled with wood ear mushrooms and ground pork seasoned with white pepper from inside. This dish is a popular breakfast in Saigon to full you with full ingredients from carbs, meat, vegetables, basil, fried curls of shallots. Each bite can be dipped into a sweet fish sauce with chili.

Location: Banh Cuon Tay Ho 1, 127 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District 1


Banh cuon

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Beautiful Night Flower Market in Hanoi

2am, when night is lowering the blind and sleep is still covering all the streets of Hanoi, loads of flowers from everywhere pour to Quang Ba night flower market, Tay Ho.

Noisy and crowded, the florists gather in this central point flower market. Looking from the dyke down to the market, there busy flower stalls in the street lights which is a time dim and bright at other time at the weak light from the flash-lamp by the buyers. Enjoying flower is a habit, and also the culture of Hanoians. Coming to Hanoi that never visit night flower market means that you have missed a very distinctive culture of the land and the people of Trang An (the original Hanoian’s name).


At night

The market is divided into two single market sessions. From 2am to 4am is the time for wholesale florists. The flowers are of mature size and blossom enough are cut, wrapped carefully before being brought to the market for wholesale. After 4am, the market is for wholesale florist peddlers, the visitors or the shop owners. Flowers in the next session has higher price than the previous one. The flowerist peddlers always select very meticulously. The stall holders choose a variety of flowers. Those who come to play at the market normally for enjoying a sense of fun to watch the petals which are still trembling in the morning dew, and till then choose for them the most beautiful bouquet. In the market, flowers are everywhere, in the simple buckets, on the old motorcycle seat or on bamboo stalls. Rose with soft and fragrant petals, shaking in the morning dew, forget-me-not petals fluttering, countless flowers flying scent all over the market area.


Fresh, fragrant and colorful flowers in the early morning

Each season, the market is brightened with different flower colors. New Year’s night-time is the busiest occasion of the flower market, where is filled with peach branches, gladiolus, Dahlia and violet. Summer is deep in scent of lotus or white color of lilies. Autumn is bright with yellow daisy, heather-bell, forget-me-not and winter are rose or carnation. In all four those flower seasons, roses never lack, Night flower market has the presence of the most famous flower planting locations such as Tay Tuu, Tu Liem, Me Linh and distant places like Da lat and or even China, the Netherlands … In addition to the flowers have long been in the market such as daisies, roses, heath, gerbera, the market now has more flower kinds such as lilies, iris, delphiniums flower, tulip … In the market, people do not just sell flowers, but also accessories such as flower baskets, porous plug, ribbon, floral wrap, wire comes with a variety of leaf help flower arrangement easy.

At dawn, selection of flowers is completed; the florists carry them to all over the streets. The bike loaded with flowers pouring into the morning road, past the old men doing morning exercise by the windy West Lake, passing the breakfast mini stall to prepare their business … The city wakes up in the surprise at the beauty of flowers.


Good morning Hanoi!

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vietnam events and festivals

Events and festivals in Vietnam in December 2016

It’s nearly the end of the year (both solar and lunar calendar) when various events and festivals to take place along the country. You all are welcome to join.

Festivals and events schedule in Vietnam - Vietnam visa from Sg

Before going further with the list of events and festivals to be held in Vietnam in this December, we highly recommend you apply for Vietnam visa if required before you go to avoid you forget it, resulting in high cost at last minutes.

Here are brief information of such events and festivals, covering their name, location and time.




6-7 DecemberFinal of Golden Spoon Contest 2015Ho Chi Minh City
24 DecemberClosing ceremony of Visit Viet Nam Year 2016 – Kien Giang; the flag handover to Lao Cai Province for Visit Viet Nam Year 2017Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province




4 December (the 6th day of the eleventh lunar month)Phung Cau FestivalPhung Cau Hamlet, Thieu Thanh Commune, Thieu Hoa District, Thanh Hoa Province
5 December (the 7th day of the eleventh lunar month)Minh Hai Ancestor Worshipping FestivalChuc Thanh Pagoda, Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
6 December (the 8th day of the eleventh lunar month)Canh Bau Pagoda FestivalCanh Bau Pagoda, Dai Lam Commune, Lang Giang District, Bac Giang Province
9 December (the 11th day of the eleventh lunar month)An Lu Temple FestivalAn Lu Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City
13 December (the 15th day of the eleventh lunar month)Phuong Bong Communal House FestivalNam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province
14 December (the 16th day of the eleventh lunar month)Duong Phuc FestivalKim Dong District, Hung Yen Province
15 December (the 17th day of the eleventh lunar month)Kim Dang Temple FestivalKim Dang Hamlet, Lam Son Ward, Hung Yen City, Hung Yen Province
16 December (the 18th day of the eleventh lunar month)Trung Do Worshiping FestivalNgoc Phan Village, Thanh Oai District, Ha Noi
18 December (the 20th day of the eleventh lunar month)Giai Temple FestivalTien Lang District, Hai Phong City
23 December (the 25th day of the eleventh lunar month)Van Le FestivalTho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province
26 December (the 28th day of the eleventh lunar month)Trang Temple – Nguyen Binh Khiem FestivalTrung Am Hamlet, Ly Hoc Commune, Vinh Bao District, Hai Phong City
29 December (the 1st day of the twelfth lunar month)An Xa Village FestivalAn Xa Village, Toan Thang Commune, Kim Dong District, Hung Yen Province

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.


Vietnam Visa for UK Passport Holders in Singapore until June 2017

Vietnam visa for Uk citizens in SingaporeAs reported, all UK passport holders who are planning a trip to Vietnam for less than 15 days do not need a visa. This policy is valid until June 30, 2017. Otherwise, they should apply for Vietnam visa. And like Vietnam visa for Singaporean citizens, a Vietnam visa for UK passport holders in Singapore can be obtained in either of the two following ways.

  1. Apply via Vietnam Embassy in Singapore;
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival;

How to obtain Vietnam visa in Vietnam Embassy in Singapore

  • Step 1: Download the Vietnam visa application form at website of Vietnam embassy in Singapore, fill it out, attach it with photo
  • Step 2: Travel to the embassy, submit visa application, original passport and other documents as required by the embassy.
  • Step 3: Pay for visa fee.
  • Step 4: Travel back home and wait for visa application processed by the embassy.
  • Step 5: Travel back to the embassy to pick up full visa for Vietnam.

Here are contact details of Vietnam embassy in Singapore:

  • Address: 10 Leedon Park St., SINGAPORE 267887
  • Phone: (65) 64625994
  • Fax: (65) 6462 5936
  • Email:[email protected]

How to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival?

Get Vietnam visa Cheap and Easy

  • Follow there simple steps in the Online Application Form, fill in the secured form, make payment for service fee
  • Wait for 2 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department via email
  • Print the approval letter out together with an entry and exit form (also attached in the email). Fill in the entry and exit form in advance (to save time at the arrival airport) and prepare 01 passport-sized photo
  • Bring visa approval letter, photo, filled Entry and Exit form and required amount of money for stamping fee (USD is recommended) with you to get on your flights
  • Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport checking point by showing all prepared to the in-charge officer.

Both these ways of visa application provide you with a valid visa, so using which way is your choice.

Cruising on Halong Bay - Vietnam visa Singapore

Top 5 destinations for President Obama in Vietnam

The New York Times has recently released top five attractions that President Barack Obama should see during his first time in Vietnam. The following destinations are good recommendations for President Obama, apart from others that have plenty to offer tourists, including picturesque port cities, temples and historic sites.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is an attractive destination which comprises more than 1,600 limestone islands and islets scattering around emerald green water. It is a UNESCO world natural heritage site and one of the must-see attractions of any trip in Vietnam. The beauty of Halong Bay is said to be amazing with full of limestone caves and grottoes, together with some popular floating villages where you can visit to observed how locals make their livelihoods from the water.

Cruising on Halong Bay - Vietnam visa Singapore

The best way to explore the beauty of the bay as well as to touch the nature inside Halong is taking an overnight Halong bay tourand cruise and joining some adventurous activities including rock climbing and kayaking.

Vietnam Discovery Travel would like to offer tourists a wide range of tour in Halong Bay, which can be customized or tailor-made to satisfy all your needs. Some popular tours in Halong can be found at: .

The Temple of Literature (Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam)

After a 30-minute drive from the Hanoi’s Old Quarter, tourists will reach the Temple of Literature – Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, a sprawling complex of the ancient Hanoi capital. Built in 1070, it is not only one of several temples in Vietnam which is dedicated to Confucius, sages and scholars; but also the first university of Vietnam.

Tourists to the Temple of Literature can live in a peaceful place with courtyards, green lawns and a pond. In addition, the temple is highlighted by the names of more than a thousand scholars inscribed on tombstones. Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is both a worthwhile stop-over in any popular Hanoi city tour and a “should come” place for students coming to pray for luck before their exams.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Lying entirely in a tropical jungle, which is easy to reach after a 2.5-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnels was used to be the place witnessing several military campaigns during the Vietnam War and also be the shelters of Viet Cong soldiers. Especially for those who are fancy of Vietnamese history, the best way to see and learn about it is to book in advance a half-day Cu Chi tunnels tour with local guide who can give you introduction on the structure of the tunnel system and how Vietnamese soldiers used them during the war.

Hoi An Ancient Town

It’s no doubt that spending at least a day tour in Hoi An is a worthwhile experience for any tourist during their Vietnam journey. Being a UNESCO’s cultural world heritage site belonging to the central coast of Vietnam, the ancient town of Hoi An has been incredibly well-preserved as it was used to be the Southeast Asian trading port from the 15th to 19th centuries. The best way to discover the small but charming town is strolling around the town and along the Thu Bon River for sightseeing the historic ancient houses.

Hanoi’s French Quarter

Spending an afternoon exploring the Hanoi’s French Quarter is another recommendation for President Obama to visit during his time in Vietnam. Coming there, you will be excited not only by the architecture dated from the time when the French colonized the city, but also by the vibrant and bustling scene of the streets.

Tourists are able to see neon light displays, vendors hawking local goods such as lanterns and slippers, as well as to enjoy a bowl of Pho – the Vietnamese traditional noodle soup – and a cup of Vietnamese coffee at a street stall inside the French Quarter. Taking a tuk-tuk or three-wheeled scooter ride to explore this area is a good choice before stopping for drinking a cup of coffee and watching locals lives their daily lives.


Noi Bai international airport among the best in 2015 - Vietnam visa on arrival

Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport named among the best 100 worldwide

Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi – one of international airports in Vietnam where travelers can pick up their Vietnam visa on arrival – has been recently honorably listed among the best 100 airports in the world in 2015.Noi Bai international airport among the best in 2015 - Vietnam visa on arrival

This list has been recently released by the UK-based Skytrax, a firm which runs an airline and airport ranking website based on reviews from travelers. In this list, Noi Bai airport of Vietnam is evaluated as the world’s most improved airport as in 2014 list, it was deemed among Asia’s worst by Sleeping in Airports.

Singapore’s Changi Airport continues to taking the top spot in this year list.

In late 2014, Noi Bai unveiled a new US$900 million terminal, nearly doubling its original capacity. This improvement, among others, helped Noi Bai wind up in the ranking.

While there are still some issues at the capital’s airport, Noi Bai has come a long way in a short time. Well done, Hanoi

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Canadian Citizens in Singapore

If you are Canadian citizen currently residing in Singapore and you don’t know how to get Vietnam visa, please don’t worry. As reported by, any Canadian citizens may have two options to obtain a visa for Vietnam regardless of where they are.

1. Firstly, going directly to Vietnam Embassies in Singapore to apply for a visa and after 3 to 5 working days, you will get a visa on hand.

2. Secondly, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival with few steps if you travel to the country by air:

  • Access to booking form at Vietnam visa on arrival website
  • Fill your detail information about application form
  • Make a payment for service fee
  • Get approval letter via email within 2 working days at maximum, prepare needed documents and stamp visa Vietnam at Vietnam Immigration Counters of Vietnam International Airports.

This second option may save you a lot of time. But please note when using Vietnam Visa on arrival:

  • Your passports have at least 6 months validity
  • Your will enter via any of Vietnam International airports
  • Check carefully your information after receiving approval letter at once via email

With further information related to Vietnam visa on arrival, please contact and send us via [email protected]

Important notice for Vietnam visa application

Apply Vietnam Visa Before Tet Holiday

Dear our Valued Clients,

Thank you for your trust in our service over the last years.

Please be advised that the Vietnam Immigration Department will be closed for Tet holiday (New Year Holiday) from February 6 to February 14, 2016. Though we are still accepting new requests, approval letter can not be issued during that time. All orders to us will be processed when the Immigration office is open again, from February 15, 2016. If you intend to visit Vietnam during this time, kindly apply for the visa as soon as possible to avoid the trip delay.

Notes: The visa desk at Vietnam airport is still open, 24/7 to welcome travelers and process Vietnam visa.

For any emergency cases, please feel free to call us at +84.946.583.583.

With best regards,

Dalat among places to go in 2016 - Vietnam visa application

Da Lat among 52 places to go in 2016

If you are finding a place for your holiday in 2016 and find it hard to make your own decision, the list of 52 placed to go in 2016 compiled by the New York Times is maybe of some help. The list recently released by the famous US-based newspaper includes Da Lat city of Vietnam – a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. If you want to visit the country in 2016, please remember to check your Vietnam visa requirement to make sure the very first thing of entry into Vietnam goes smooth.

Dalat among places to go in 2016 - Vietnam Visa

The charming Da lat, which has been called Vietnam’s Little Paris for long long time, is famous for pine forests, locally grown avocados, and artichoke tea.

Dalat among places to go in 2016 - Vietnam visa online

According to New York Times, “The south-central-highlands town, a former French-colonial hill station with eternal spring weather, is an agricultural El Dorado, growing asparagus, strawberries, coffee, artichokes, roses and more”.

Dalat among places to go in 2016 - Vietnam visa application

Also said by the website, “Dalat has built a reputation for outdoor activities, golf, white-water rafting, mountain biking, canyoning and splashing under the roaring Elephant Falls or terraced Pongour Falls. So have overseas visitors — debut charter flights from China, South Korea, and Thailand arrived in 2015, with direct Singapore flights under discussion — drawn by the promise of a refreshingly different Vietnam experience”.

Dalat among places to go in 2016 - Apply Vietnam Visa

It said Da Lat is a cool alternative to the usual steamy Vietnam.

Dalat among places to go in 2016 - Vietnam visa on arrival

Rounding in the list are Mexico city (Mexico), Bordeaux (France), Mozambique, Toronto (Canada), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Skane (Sweden), Viñales (Cuba), etc.