Best of Saigon Street Food and where you can find it

If you re in Singapore and looking for a nice trip to Vietnam, let’s check the simple steps to get Vietnam Visa in Singapore & draw out the plan to visit Hochiminh – the most hustle city in the South of Vietnam.  Besides, there are thousands of street-side stall offer delicious and tasty food. Following is the suggestion of the best street food you should try in Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon.

  1. Com suon

Com suon is one of the most popular dishes in lunch or dinner in Saigon. This dish is combination of rice and chopped grilled pork which will make you feel full quickly and cheaply. Additionally, There are a spoonful of fried onions in pork fat atop of this dish together with some crispy pieces of rind of pork. It is often served with a small bowl of vegetable broth or pickle. Besides, you can choose many other similar dishes, for example “Com suon op la” which is added a fried egg compared to normal com suon is highly recommended for those are hungrier.

Location: You can find it between Truong Dinh Street and Huyen Trang Cong Chua Street. On the opposite side of the park, you will see right away the pork grilled stall on the road side.



“Com suon” – popular & delicious Saigon food

  1. Banh beo

As the specialist from the central of Vietnam, it is said that Banh beo is the most typical dishes of the cuisine of Hue city, the ancient royal capital of Vietnam. You will be served small round discs of white rice cake steamed with typically savory ingredients in the center, such as shrimp, mung bean paste, scallions, fried shallots and so on. When eating together with sauce made from fish sauce, rice vinegar, chili, etc, it is such a perfect combination and you will feel the mysterious light fragrance. Because they usually come in multiples of 8 or 10, they are suitable to be enjoyed with your friends.

Location: Nam Giao, 136 Le Thanh Ton Street, in an alleyway behind Ben Thanh market. District 1



“Banh beo”

  1. Banh Da Xuc Hen

Banh da xuc hen is tasty snack combined of “banh da” and “hen”. “Banh da” a kind of cake which use main material as starch is thinly thinned into circles, then dried and can be grilled to eat. “Hen” is baby basket clams, it will be fried with Vietnamese coriander, chili, onion, garlic to make a simple part of this dish. It will be totally different from what you have tried. Another option is com hen, including rice topped with the same type of clams and small bowl of clam broth.

Location: Hong Hanh, 17A Nguyen Thi Minh Khao Street, District 1


“Hen xuc banh da”


  1. Banh canh cua

It is a kind of Vietnamese noodles with a thicker noodle made from both tapioca and rice flour (similar to Japanese udon noodles,). The noodles which are sticky and soft, and just slightly chewy. The thick crab soup includes a handful of de-shelled crab meat, thin slices of pork, a quail egg, a shrimp, and finally a crab meatball. The dishes is completed with a garnish of green onions and black pepper to a beauty dish. The taste of soup is warm and soothing, thicker than a normal bowl of soup noodle and not overly powerful in flavor.

Location: Kim Long, 80/68 Tran Quang Dieu Street, District 3



Tasty “Banh canh cua” with “Quay” 

  1. Banh cuon

It is the roll cake, originated from the North of Vietnam, which is made from steamed rice filled with wood ear mushrooms and ground pork seasoned with white pepper from inside. This dish is a popular breakfast in Saigon to full you with full ingredients from carbs, meat, vegetables, basil, fried curls of shallots. Each bite can be dipped into a sweet fish sauce with chili.

Location: Banh Cuon Tay Ho 1, 127 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District 1


Banh cuon

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