Visa on arrival legitimacy

Today, with the open policy of the Government to welcome more and more foreign tourists, foreigners may find it much easier to obtain a visa to Vietnam since there are currently 2 options to go about this matter. ONE is to apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy (the traditional way for visa application) and the OTHER is to apply for a visa on arrival (visa picked up at the airport with visa approval letter which is applied online in advance).

Although visa on arrival has appeared for over 10 years and become more and more popular among tourists to Vietnam, many people still feel confused about its legitimacy. However, you do not need to worry at all when choosing visa on arrival. It is 100% legitimate.

What proves the legitimacy of visa on arrival?

  • The visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department

First of all, when mentioning visa on arrival to Vietnam, it is impossible to exclude a visa approval letter. It is an official permission allowing the you – the visa applicants to get on flight and get visa stamped upon your arrival at Vietnam airport. But remember that although you work with a travel agent to arrange your visa approval letter, the letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, not the travel agent. The travel agent only functions as connection between you and the Vietnam Immigration Department for visa approval letter processing.

  • The Entry, Exit and Residence laws for foreigners in Vietnam

Secondly, the legitimacy of visa on arrival has been once confirmed by article 6 of the Ordinance dated April 28, 2000 on Entry, Exit and Residence of foreigners in Vietnam, which states that foreigners applying for entry shall be granted visas at Vietnam’s international border gates in the following cases:

a) They enter for funerals of their relatives, for visits to their seriously ill relatives;

b) They depart from countries where Vietnamese diplomatic missions and/or consulates are not available;

c) They enter for visits under programs organized by international tour enterprises of Vietnam;

d) They enter to provide urgent technical support for programs, projects; to give first-aid to seriously ill persons, accident victims; to provide rescue for victims of natural disasters and epidemics in Vietnam;

e) For other urgent reasons.

  • The visa on arrival application portal launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In addition, recently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again confirmed the legitimacy of the visa on arrival upon their launch of an online visa application channel. As announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, it takes only 2 working days to process the visa application which is submitted online and email the visa approval letter to the visa applicant.

With such reasons, don’t think that visa on arrival is not legitimate. Once you get the visa approval letter, you will surely get visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam.

Sufficiently convinced with the legal base?

Apply visa today and get approval letter within 02 working days.