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Visiting Vietnam from Singapore

Taking just more than 1.6 hours flying from Singapore to Vietnam, it’s undoubtedly Vietnam is a more and more popular place to visit. How do Singaporeans come to Vietnam? What to take note before the trip? Then have a look at tips below for reference to make sure your coming Vietnam trip will be hassle free.

5 best romantic places in Vietnam

For those who plan to travel with your beloved partner, here are the top list of romantic places in Vietnam which you should visit: Sapa, Halong, Hoi An, Danang & Dalat. Click for full details!

Best of Saigon Street Food and where you can find it

Best Saigon Street Food can be listed: Com suon, banh beo, banh da xuc hen, banh canh cua, banh cuon; along the useful local addresses for you to enjoy.

Beautiful Night Flower Market in Hanoi

Ignoring night flower market in Hanoi means that you 've missed a very distinctive culture of the land and the traditional Hanoians.