5 best romantic places in Vietnam

For those who plan to travel with your beloved partner, here are the top list of romantic places in Vietnam which you should visit. 

  1. Sapa

The natural beauty and attractions sites is the main reason why Sapa is always on top of the most favorite destinations of visitors. You will experience 4 seasons in a day when being here. In the morning, the mist rolls across the peaks that makes a fantastic scenery. After morning foggy, it turns to be hot in noon and then the temperature will decrease slowly.

Sapa has a beauty that is the combination of modern and ancient style. You will feel like being back in time when visitng the Church and the old coffees Enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee, watching the local life, you will feel that the time is frozen.

Especially, “Love Market” in Sapa is one of the unique feature of the culture of minority ethnic here. You will see boys and girls go dating and taking part in many fantastic games, singing and dancing together with music all night.

You and your partner can be suprised by magnificent landscapes of Sapa with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, with the simple nature.

If you plan to come in the winter, you can see a different Sapa with snow covered everywhere.


Pristine green field

  1. Halong Bay

There are about 2000 small islands in Ha Long Bay, which create an extrodinary beauty natural landscape. With its beautiful bay and the different shaped karst limestone, Ha Long Bay has been recognized as a World Heritagesite by UNESCO since 1994.

What makes Ha Long is one of the most romantics places in Vietnam is the time of sunsets and sunrises. The sunlight reflecting the waterways creates a yellow-red color that makes the scence more mystical. Standing in the boat and watching plate the charming Halong together with your lover, your love will be smelt together with the changing in the color of sun light.


Beautiful Halong Bay

  1. Hoi An

The ancient town Hoi An is an well-preserved historic town from 16th century. In the past, Hoi An used to be a famous trading port. Over the time, Hoi An turns to become s beautiful and peaceful destination with many galleries and classic stores that draw you for its ancient beauty.

The traditional dishes is the things you have to make sure to not be missed. There are plenty of tasty street foods with unexpected cheap price. It will be more interesting if you have time to figure out the way to cook and the story behind each dish.

Additionally, when the sun down, the town is very stunning with the many colorful lights definitely draws your attention. The highlight is the tranquil waterscape of colorful wooden boats along to the old town when.

Moving 5km from the center, you can find Cua Dai beach with full of activities such as surfing, jet skiing and kayaking, etc. Discover both the old historic and charming beach make this destination often placed on the top list of many travelers.


Hoi An – The city of lanterns & love

  1. Ba Na Hill

Ba Na hills is known as the Disneyland in Vietnam. It is equipped with the cable system with the height of 1300 meter above the sea level. From the cable cabinet, you can look until the endless tree line of the forests and many breath-taking views along the way that will take you far away from the busy life. The average temperature is around 18 C that is perfect weather to hang out. Besides, various games will make you and your partner be busy all day.


Ba Na Hills – Beauty in the clouds

  1. Da Lat – the City of Eternal Spring

Da Lat is in the central highlands of Vietnam in Lam Dong province. This elegant city will make you feel like getting lost in the charm Western city. It will create a total different picture of Vietnam in your eyes.

Da Lat is covered by dense mist almost year-round with cool temperature that makes it become the eternal spring city.

The nature with a lot of fields of blooming flowers is the most attractive feature of Da Lat. You can be soaked into the colorful fields of flowers. There is an annual Flower Festival often organized in the end of year. You can plan to visit Da Lat on this festival to see a fabulous city with thousands types of flowers.

You also can experience hiking and mountain biking through hills, tremendous Prenn waterfalls, organic farms and tea as well as coffee plantations.


Da Lat – Extremely an ideal places for all these travel fancies, especially for couples looking for the romantic places in Vietnam

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