Vietnam e-visa for Singaporean

Vietnam e-visa for Singaporeans

Hi there. I have ever heard about Vietnam e-visa and I see it rather cheap and convenient. Please let us know whether I can apply for such kind of visa. I'm Singaporeans. Michelle.
Vietnam visa singapore - apply for Vietnam visa in Singapore

What to do after Vietnam visa approval letter?

Hi there. I am going to Vietnam by air in this December for almost 2 months. It means that I can apply for a visa online. What I want to know here is: what I need to do after receiving the approval letter? Do I need to send it to the embassy for further acts? Please advise.
Vietnam visa in Singapore

Enquiry About Vietnam Trip

I am Myanmar passport holder working in Singapore. I am planning to visit Vietnam for 4 days and then will take flight to go Myanmar. Is it ok to go back to Myanmar directly from Vietnam or do we need to go back to Singapore first? Is there any rules and regulations to follow? And also, do I need a Vietnam visa? Thank you.
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival

Urgent Vietnam visa in Singapore

Having had to do an urgent change of plans, departing for Vietnam from Singapore tomorrow. Does anyone know if we could go to Vietnamese Embassy same day and get a Vietnam Visa and what their requirements are.

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