Quang Binh extends Son Doong Cave Tour

Oxalis Conpany, the only Operator of Son Doong Cave tour, was permitted to extend the implementation time of the most expensive tour in Vietnam to discover the world’s largest cave Son Doong in 2016.

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Son Doong Cave tour - Vietnam Visa in Singapore

The world’s largest cave of Son Doong

The discovery tour to Son Doong Cave lasts for five days and five nights with the price of US$3,000 for each passenger. Ten visitors at maximum can join a Son Doong tour, thus, it is counted that maximum of 500 tourists can take part in this tour in Quang Binh for the whole year.

Son Doong tour 2016 will be open for sale to local and foreign tourists in the first week of August on its website. Joining this adventure tour requires tourists a good health. If not abiding safety and environmental protection regulations, cave experts and tour guides will be entitled to ask them to stop the itinerary.