Nha Trang To Open Beach For Night Swimming

It is good news for those living in and visiting Nha Trang that they will soon be able to swim in the ocean long after the sun goes down as the city has approved plans for its first night beach.

Nha Trang under sunset - Vietnamvisa.sg

As reported, on Monday, local authorities gave TD JSC the green light to open part of the beach in front of Tran Phu Hotel to late night swimmers.

To address safety concerns, the company has agreed to install a lighting system and hire lifeguards to watch swimmers.

As reported, “the night swimming zone extends around 50m from the shore and lies within the area where the hotel is allowed to put its beach umbrellas and benches, according to the proposition”.

The scheme will launch on a trial basis later this month, after which authorities will review its effectiveness.

“The company wants to open the night swimming section only to increase the value added for the hotel, rather than blocking the beach for its own use,” said Bui Xuan Luong, an official from the Khanh Hoa Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, adding, “The night beach is admission-free and serves both locals and tourists.”

The night beach program represents a pleasant departure from stories about the privatization of the city’s beaches.

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