vietnam dawn on Hon Khoi Salt Field - Vietnam visa on arrival service

Beautiful dawn across Vietnam

For those having a deep passion with taking photos, the most anticipated moment is perhaps the moment when they can catch the first sunshine of the day.

vietnam - dawn -

The sun is appearing from a distance on white cloud – the photo is taken from window of the flight to Hanoi by Tran Qui Thinh

vietnam dawn on Hon Khoi Salt Field  - Vietnam visa on arrival service

The sun is showing their light on the Hon Khoi Salt Field (Ninh Hoa). Seen from a distance, the field looks like a big mirror reflecting the dawn and shadow of hard-working farmers – Photo by Tran Qui Thinh

vietnam dawn by tran Qui Thinh - Vietnam visa on arrival service

The “egg yolk” starts to show their light marking a new day. The photo is taken by Tran Qui Thinh on a watch tower by the side of Tan Thanh Beach (Go Cong) which is considered the biggest clam farm in the Southern Vietnam.

Dawn on Ghenh Da Dia in Phu Yen - Vietnam visa online service

Dawn on Ghenh Da Dia in Phu Yen – photo by Tran Quy Thinh

beautiful dawn in Hoi An Ancient Town - Vietnam visa

The sun with his magical light wakes up the dreaming ancient town – Photo of a street in Hoi An ancient town in early morning – by Tran Qui Thinh.

Dawn on Nha Mat beach – Bac Lieu - Vietnam visa online

Dawn on Nha Mat beach – Bac Lieu – Photo by Tran Qui Thinh

Beautiful dawn on the Hon Thien Lake (Ninh Thuan)  - Visa to Vietnam

Beautiful dawn on the Hon Thien Lake (Ninh Thuan) – Photo by Tran Qui Thinh

The sun shows his first rays over the Mui Dien light house - Vietnam visa

The sun shows his first rays over the Mui Dien light house, Phu Yen – Photo by Quoc Bao

Magical dawn in Dalat - Vietnam visa

Beautiful dawn in Dalat – Photo by Quoc Bao

Beatiful dawn on Co Thach Moss Rocks

Beautiful dawn on the Co Thach moss rocks – Photo by Nhi Nguyen

If you have time in Vietnam, remember to enjoy such beautiful moments. If you are planning a visit to Vietnam, remember to have Vietnam visa in your luggage if required.

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Vietnam visa for Singaporean

I holds a Singapore passport. I just went to Saigon from 5-9 August 2015.  I intend to go back Saigon from 28-30 August 2015. Do I need to apply for a Visa to enter Saigon? Thank you.


Hello William,

As a Singaporean, you are exempted from Vietnam visa within 30 days for each time you enter Vietnam without any limitations. In other words, you do not need any visa when you visit Vietnam again from 28-30 August, 2015.

Wish you a wonderful time in our country!

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Changing dates of my Vietnam visa

I wonder if I can change the dates of my visa? My date of entry is currently August 15, but I would like to make it earlier.


Dear Oliver,

We are sorry to say that once your visa (approval letter if you use Vietnam visa on arrival) is issued, you cannot change your visa dates. In case you wish to travel to Vietnam earlier, you should apply for a new visa.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

Nha Trang To Open Beach For Night Swimming

It is good news for those living in and visiting Nha Trang that they will soon be able to swim in the ocean long after the sun goes down as the city has approved plans for its first night beach.

Nha Trang under sunset -

As reported, on Monday, local authorities gave TD JSC the green light to open part of the beach in front of Tran Phu Hotel to late night swimmers.

To address safety concerns, the company has agreed to install a lighting system and hire lifeguards to watch swimmers.

As reported, “the night swimming zone extends around 50m from the shore and lies within the area where the hotel is allowed to put its beach umbrellas and benches, according to the proposition”.

The scheme will launch on a trial basis later this month, after which authorities will review its effectiveness.

“The company wants to open the night swimming section only to increase the value added for the hotel, rather than blocking the beach for its own use,” said Bui Xuan Luong, an official from the Khanh Hoa Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, adding, “The night beach is admission-free and serves both locals and tourists.”

The night beach program represents a pleasant departure from stories about the privatization of the city’s beaches.

If you wish to experience exciting night swimming on sea, just visit Nha Trang. And in case a visa is required, you may get one in two options. Please access to for more information about how to get a visa to Vietnam.

Son doong cave tour in Quang Binh - Vietnam visa Singapore

Quang Binh extends Son Doong Cave Tour

Oxalis Conpany, the only Operator of Son Doong Cave tour, was permitted to extend the implementation time of the most expensive tour in Vietnam to discover the world’s largest cave Son Doong in 2016.

Vietnam visa is required to all foreigners traveling to Vietnam. Want to know more about Vietnam visa in Singapore, click here.

Son Doong Cave tour - Vietnam Visa in Singapore

The world’s largest cave of Son Doong

The discovery tour to Son Doong Cave lasts for five days and five nights with the price of US$3,000 for each passenger. Ten visitors at maximum can join a Son Doong tour, thus, it is counted that maximum of 500 tourists can take part in this tour in Quang Binh for the whole year.

Son Doong tour 2016 will be open for sale to local and foreign tourists in the first week of August on its website. Joining this adventure tour requires tourists a good health. If not abiding safety and environmental protection regulations, cave experts and tour guides will be entitled to ask them to stop the itinerary.