Vietnam visa for US passport holders

Vietnam Visa for US passport holders in Singapore 2016

All US passport holders should notice that there is a very significant change in policy on Vietnam visa for US Citizens that is all US citizens, regardless of where they are, can apply for 1-year multiple entry visa to Vietnam only. This policy took effect from August 30, 2016.

Entry into force of this policy means that 1-year multiple entry visa is now the single option for visa for US passport holders to Vietnam, regardless of length of their stay in Vietnam. Other types of 1-, 3- or 6-month visa are no longer available for US.

And accordingly, US citizens using visa on arrival will have to pay US$135 as stamping fee at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped.

THIS POLICY IS FOR US CITIZENS ONLY. Types of visa for others, including Vietnam Visa for Singaporeans remain unchanged.

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