Vietnam visa for US passport holders

Wide options for Vietnam visa for US available again

It is great that from December 15, 2016, US passport holders in general and those in Singapore in particular can apply again for other types of Vietnam visa.

As many may know, from September 1, 2015, as in the exchange note between the Vietnamese government and the US government, all US passport holders to Vietnam must apply for 1-year multiple entry visa regardless of how many days they intend to be in Vietnam. This policy encountered a lot of complaints from US travelers who wished to stay in Vietnam for a short term, even a few days but had to pay for a large amount of money.

This new move once again promote travel of US passport holders to Vietnam. Following are options for Vietnam visa for US now:

  1. Tourist visa
    1. 1 month single entry visa
    2. 1 month multiple entry visa
    3. 3 months single entry visa
    4. 3 months multiple entry visa
    5. 1 year multiple entry visa
  2. Business visa
    1. 1 month single entry visa
    2. 3 months single entry visa
    3. 3 months multiple entry visa
    4. 6 months multiple entry visa
    5. 1 year multiple entry visa

Another great news from us is that all US passport that US passport holders who have obtained the visa approval letter for 1-year multiple entry visa with but wish to stay in Vietnam for a shorter term can have opportunities to get a short-term visa approval letter processed by the Vietnam immigration Department for FREE, and then to get visa stamped at Vietnam airport at a lower stamping fee.

We are now filtering our system and will contact our US clients with this new policy. In case you are our client, you got a 1-year multiple entry visa approval letter, have not used it but wish to stay in Vietnam for a shorter duration, you will soon receive an email regarding this processing. If you cannot wait to see our email, you can get back to us at [email protected] | [email protected] and tell us your application ID as well as which type of visa you wish to obtain.

In case you did not get the visa approval letter with us, please contact your service provider to ask whether they process the visa approval letter again for you for FREE OR NOT.

Well, we are so excited with this news. So from now on, the cost of Vietnam visa on arrival for US travelers are the same as others.  Their application steps are also the same. It’s so great.

Vietnam visa singapore - apply for Vietnam visa in Singapore Can Process 1-year Business Visa on Arrival for Singaporeans takes a great pride to announce that we are now able to process business Vietnam visa for Singaporeans and others, valid for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and even 1 year.

How to apply for this kind of visa?

Get Vietnam visa Cheap and Easy

It is very simple to apply for these new types of visa on arrival.

To apply, you only need to access to to fill out the online form. To complete, firstly select number of visa (applicant) in your group, and then purpose of visa (business) and then type of visa you wish to obtain and the processing time you wish (normal – 7 working days, urgent – 3 working days or super-urgent – 2 working days).

After filling out the form, you will need to make payment of service fee.

You will receive the visa approval letter delivered to your email within the guaranteed time.

And the, with this letter, you will get your business visa stamped upon your arrival at Vietnam airport.

What documents to be provided when applying?

When applying for business visa at, you do not need to provide any documents except for information to be provided on the online booking form at

Why applying for business visa with

In addition to guarantee on quality and timeline, also presents those applying for business visa with us the fast-track service for FREE. With this fast-track, they will have our staff welcome at the airport and get visa stamped on their behalf within a few minutes.

New website Vietnam visa South Africa

We’ve got new brother –

It is really great that we have got new brother. Like us –  which has been specially developed to make application for Vietnam visa in Singapore more and more convenient, Vietnam Discovery Travel – our operator has recently developed the as a special website for Vietnam visa in South Africa.

Vietnam Visa Singapore brother - Vietnam visa in South Africa

Visiting the website, one can easily find all information relating to Vietnam visa in South Africa, from Vietnam visa requirement to guide to obtain a visa for Vietnam from this country, as well as contact information of Vietnam embassy in South Africa. All instructions and tips are presented in clear and easy to understand manner.

Additionally, the website also provides you with frequently asked questions relating to Vietnam visa for South African citizens and residents, and their answers as well. If you cannot find the answer there, you can leave it for to raise your question. Our brother is committed to replying to you within 24 hours.

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We are both local websites of which gains a great reputation among travelers to Vietnam for its 10 years assisting them obtain a visa on arrival.