Top 5 Hanoi festivals for travelers to Vietnam - Vietnam visa in Singapore

Top 3 traditional festivals in Hanoi that you shouldn’t miss

Hanoi is a traditional and cultural capital of Vietnam in which there are lots of festivals taking place throughout the year. In this article, we will introduce the 3 most famous festivals in this destination that visitors shouldn’t miss.

1. Co Loa festival

Co Loa Festival takes place annually from the 6th to the 16th day of the first lunar month – just after Lunar New Year Festival. It is held at Upper Temple in Hanoi. This temple is the place to worship the Au Lac’s king – King An Duong Vuong. Co Loa festival is to tell the legendary story about King An Duong and his daughter My Chau.

Co Loa Festival in Hanoi - Vietnam visa online

Co Loa Festival in Hanoi

The festival is usually started with a possession of 12 hamlets and 7 villages and it lasts until the 16th day. Moreover, there are fireworks displays in the evening as well as a lot of attractive traditional games such as wrestling, crossbow shooting, rope climbing, martial arts, flag dancing and archery and performances of ca trù, chèo and tuồng organized and performed during the time of this festival.

2. Le Mat festival

Le Mat festival is organized in Le Mat village from the 20th day to the 24th day of the third lunar month every year. The aim of this festival is to honor the tradition of catching snakes of this village.

Le Mat Festival - an unique festival in Hanoi - Vietnam visa in Singapore

Le Mat Festival – an unique festival in Hanoi

The festival includes offerings, water processions, snake-related competitions such as snake catching, snake breeding, and snake venom curing. Especially, tourists joining in the festival can watch a performance represented among the vibrant sounds of drums. The performance tells a folk story about a young man killed a huge snake to save a princess.

3. Chem temple festival

Chem Temple festival is one of the biggest festivals in Hanoi. It is held in the temple of Chem village – located about 12km from the center of Hanoi- on 14th to the 16th day of the fourth lunar month. Chem Temple festival worships aliases Ly Ong Trong, who helped the Chinese Emperor Tan Thuy Hoang against the Mongolian invaders during the Hung kings Dynasty.

Chem Temple Festival in Hanoi - Vietnam visa

Chem Temple Festival in Hanoi

Participating in this festival, you can have a chance to see water procession consisting of 3 dragon boats in the Hong River, enjoy votive paper procession, Moc Duc ceremony, and royal order procession. Also, you can take part in a lot of interesting traditional folk games such as kite flying, traditional wrestling, and tug-of-war.

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Taking part in festivals in Hanoi is one of the best ways to learn about the culture and tradition of this city. Additionally, you can have a lot of fun when joining festivals. Hope our information above can help you create a better plan if you intent to visit Hanoi.