Online Vietnam visa service - visa on arrival

Vietnam Embassy is not the only portal to get Vietnam Visa for Belgian Citizens

Citizens of Belgium will find that their travel to Vietnam has been made less much worried thanks for Vietnam visa on arrival – an alternative and convenient way to get a Vietnam visa in Belgium.
Get Vietnam visa on arrival easily for Israeli passport holders

4 Simple Steps to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival in Israel

Getting Vietnam visa for Israeli citizens has been made much easier thanks to introduction of Vietnam visa on arrival. To get a full visa on arrival, Israeli passport holders will need to apply online for visa approval letter first and then get full visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airpo
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival

Procedure to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in Singapore

Vietnam Embassy in Singapore functions as a department of Vietnamese Government to approve Vietnam visa for all travelers to Vietnam. By directly contact the Vietnam Embassy in Singapore, travelers can get their visa for Vietnam within 5 working days.