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Can I get a Vietnam visa on arrival without a visa approval letter?

Hey. I am going to Vietnam in this July. I want to get a visa on arrival. Do I have to apply for a visa approval letter online or just fly to Hanoi airport and get visa stamped there? Thank you. Selena.

What if I change my arrival date for Vietnam visa?

I want to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival, but now I am not sure about my arrival date? Can I apply with a planned date and then arrive in Vietnam on another date? Thks. Seleagan.
A bowl of Pho Bo Hanoi -

Hanoi beef noodle soup

Everyone visiting Hanoi will not miss the chance to enjoy a bowl of Phở bò (Beef noodle soup) which is considered one of the unique features of Hanoi.

How long to get a Vietnam visa approval letter?

Under normal circumstances, you can get a Vietnam visa approval letter 2 working days after you finish your online visa application and payment of service fee. But in urgent cases, you can get a visa within 1 working day or even 4 working hours.
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Can I leave Vietnam after the exit date issued in my visa approval letter?

I applied for a Vietnam visa approval letter and it states my exit date. But, my plan has changed and I need to leave Vietnam latter than that exit date. Can I? If not, what should I do?
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival and common mistakes upon application

After many years operating in field of visa on arrival, we have found that there are common mistakes that are encountered by many visa applicants.
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Vietnam Embassy in Singapore

If you are in Singapore and want to contact the Vietnam Embassy to do your work, you will find yourself very lucky since there is one of such offices in this country. Here are the contact details of Vietnam Embassy in Singapore.

What if I change my airport for getting Vietnam visa on arrival?

What if I change my airport for getting Vietnam visa on arrival?

What is Vietnam visa approval letter?

To use visa on arrival to Vietnam, firstly, you need to submit the online application for a letter called "visa approval letter".