How to get a Vietnam visa

Do I need Vietnam visa if the ship stops for a day?

I’m cruising with my wife from Singapore.the ship stops for a day in Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City). We are going back to Singapore in the same ship.In this case do I need a visa?

Dear Ashish,

Since I do not know your nationality, so I cannot provide you with the best advice.

There will be 2 cases:

1. If your nationality is exempted from a Vietnam visa, such as Singaporean, Cambodian, Thai…, you will not need a visa for your one day in Vietnam. Please click here to see the Vietnam visa exemption list.

2. If your nationality is not exempted from Vietnam visa, you will need a visa to Vietnam. In this case, I recommend you to contact the cruise line to know whether they can arrange a Vietnam visa for you.

I hope this information is clear to you.

Should you need any further information, please let us know.

Have a nice day,