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Tet Nguyen Dan of Vietnam listed in the top ten world’s festivals

The Skyscanner has just released a list of the 10 craziest, most colorful festivals around the world to visit in 2014, and Vietnam has its honor to have its Tet Nguyen Dan or Vietnamese Lunar New Year named in the list.

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Originating from the Chinese New’s Year, but Vietnam has its own version, known as Tet, lasts for three days but preparations start up to two weeks before the three day event. It involves lots of delicious home cooking, family reunions and giving money to little kids to wish them good luck.

Many foreign travelers staying in Vietnam during this period have expressed their impression and passion on the environment of Tet holiday in Vietnam. Many says that while in their countries, holidays are the time for them to travel to their desired destinations, even all over the world, in Vietnam, Tet is the time for all members coming back to their home and stay with their beloved.

In addition to the Tet Nguyen Dan of Vietnam, the Skyscanner also list some other colorful festivals in the world including the Las Fallas in Valencia in Spain, the Festival of Snakes in Abruzzo in Italy, the Elephant Festival in Jaipur in India, Days of the Dead in Mexico, etc.