Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival

Guide to Vietnam Visa for South Africans in Singapore

The very first thing to notice here is that all South African passport holders need a valid Vietnam visa for their every trip to the country for any purpose, except a direct trip to Phu Quoc island from a foreign country or territory to stay there for no more than 30 days and then leave for a foreign country or territory.

For those who need a visa to Vietnam, please don’t think that its process is a headache. Thanks to the open policy of the Vietnam government to welcome more and more tourists in general and South African passport holders in particular to the country, the process to obtain a Vietnam visa for South Africans  have been made much easier with the 2 options for visa application as follows:

  1. Apply for Visa via the Vietnam embassy; OR
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Basically, both options provide a valid visa to Vietnam. However, they differs from each other in the following points.

Differences between Vietnam Embassy Visa and Vietnam visa on arrival
ItemsVietnam Embassy VisaVietnam Visa on arrival
Issuing AuthorityVietnam Embassy in foreign countriesVietnam Immigration Department
How to apply

  1. Apply in person at Vietnam Embassy;
  2. Apply via a third party; or
  3. Send application documents by post.

Submit online application form for visa approval letter via a travel agent only.
Documents to be submitted

  1. Original passport
  2. Hardcopy of completed application form (must be downloaded on website of the embassy you wish to submit the application to)
  3. Possibly flight ticket, hotel voucher, etc.

No documents required.
FeePay once to the embassy. However, the fee may vary from embassy to embassy, so the applicants are highly recommended to contact the embassy for details.Pay twice. The first (service fee) to be paid online to the travel agent for processing visa approval letter and the second (stamping fee) to be paid in cash at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped. Total cost of a 1-month single entry is around US$45.
Where to pick upVietnam EmbassyVietnam arrival airport
Applicable travelersAllAir Travelers only

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