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Vietnam 3 months visa for Singaporeans

Citizens of Singapore are allowed to enter Vietnam for 30 days without having to apply for entry visas provided that they enter Vietnam with a passport valid for at least 06 months beyond their arrival date and they are not subjects of being banned from entry to Vietnam. If eligible, the Immigration Office at the […]

How to get Vietnam visa for Indian in Singapore

Singapore is a developed country and very attractive to tourists. Moving from Singapore to Vietnam is very convenient, so many visitors, including Indian tourists tend to fly directly to Vietnam for traveling from Singapore. This article will guide you how to apply for Vietnam visa for Indians in Singapore. ► See How to get Vietnam […]

7 most iconic Vietnamese food that a Singaporean must try

Vietnam has been famous to foreigners recently for not only beautiful natural landscapes but also unique specialties. For Singaporeans who are planning to travel to Vietnam, these are the top iconic Vietnamese food that you must try at the time you are in this country. 1. Banh Xeo – Vietnam food Banh Xeo is an […]

Visiting Vietnam from Singapore

Taking just more than 1.6 hours flying from Singapore to Vietnam, it’s undoubtedly Vietnam is a more and more popular place to visit. How do Singaporeans come to Vietnam? What to take note before the trip? Then have a look at tips below for reference to make sure your coming Vietnam trip will be hassle free.