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Where to get vietnam visa stamped?

I will fly to Hanoi and then take the next flight to Ho Chi Minh City. My question is if I use Vietnam visa on arrival service, where should I get my visa stamped, in Hanoi airport or Ho Chi Minh City airport?

Unknown names on my visa approval letter

I received my approval letter, but I found names of some unknown people on the letter? Does it trouble me? I want a private one? Can I? Hana Dear Hana, Please don’t worry at all. There is no problem with that approval letter. You still get visa stamped at the airport with that letter. The […]

Vietnam visa application times

‘m just curious about how many times I can apply for a Vietnamese visa. If I purchase a Single Entry visa and it expires and later on I would like to return to Vietnam, can I just purchase another Single Entry visa? I don’t want to buy a Multiple Entry visa to start in case I do not need it.

Vietnam offers one of top 10 bike paths

According to the LonelyPlanet, a well-known travel website worldwide, there is no better way to explore a place than cycling. The website also announced the 10 trips that should be on the wish list of every cyclist, among which the National Route 1 of Vietnam is included.

New Vietnam visa

I’m in Vietnam now and my single entry visa expires on November 5. I want to leave Vietnam on this October 28 and then come back via Ho Chi Minh City airport on November 4. Can I apply for a new visa now which starts from November 4.