All you need to know about Vietnam tourist visa for Fillipino

As a citizen of Philippines, you are exempted for Vietnam visa if you are planning to stay in Vietnam within 21 days for either tourist purpose or business purpose with all travel ways including land, sea and air travel. If the period of your stay in Vietnam is longer than 21 days, Vietnam visa will be required for Philippines passport holders before entering Vietnam. At present, Philippines travelers living in Philippines or other countries can apply for Vietnam Visa in two ways: Vietnam visa at Embassy or Vietnam visa on arrival.

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Vietnam visa on arrival provides an online procedure for all applicants who wish to enter Vietnam through any of 5 international airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City. You can easily apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online on . After spending few minutes to fill in the online application form with all correct information required, you will need to pay for service fee via OnePay, PayPal or Western Union. Normally, a Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration department will be sent to via email within 2 working days or few working hours in super urgent case. When arriving at the airports, you will get the stamped visa by showing this Approval Letter and making the cash payment for stamping fee collected by Immigration Officers. This is consider as the most effective way because of its convenience, quickness and safety. All the fee including service fee and stamping fee fixed on, which can vary in different type of visa, the number of applicants and the processing time.


Vietnam tourist visa for Filipino travellers

Alternative way to apply for Vietnam tourist visa for Filipino citizens is applying in person at Embassy of Vietnam in Manila. This kind of visa is recommend for those who travel to Vietnam by land or sea. In order to applying for Vietnam visa, your original passport will be required to be submitted together with your visa application form. Normally, the processing time can be around 5 working days, or even longer according to the requirement of each Embassy or Consulate. Besides you may be required to be presented at the Embassy several times until the process is completed. To get more information about the fee and the procedure, you can contact directly with the Vietnam Embassy in Philippines with major information as below:

For both two options to get Vietnam visa for Filipino citizens, please make sure the passport has at least 6 months valid and left pages. You can contact us to get more details about Vietnam visa for Philippines via Hotline +84. 946.583.583 or [email protected].


Beautiful Night Flower Market in Hanoi

2am, when night is lowering the blind and sleep is still covering all the streets of Hanoi, loads of flowers from everywhere pour to Quang Ba night flower market, Tay Ho.

Noisy and crowded, the florists gather in this central point flower market. Looking from the dyke down to the market, there busy flower stalls in the street lights which is a time dim and bright at other time at the weak light from the flash-lamp by the buyers. Enjoying flower is a habit, and also the culture of Hanoians. Coming to Hanoi that never visit night flower market means that you have missed a very distinctive culture of the land and the people of Trang An (the original Hanoian’s name).


At night

The market is divided into two single market sessions. From 2am to 4am is the time for wholesale florists. The flowers are of mature size and blossom enough are cut, wrapped carefully before being brought to the market for wholesale. After 4am, the market is for wholesale florist peddlers, the visitors or the shop owners. Flowers in the next session has higher price than the previous one. The flowerist peddlers always select very meticulously. The stall holders choose a variety of flowers. Those who come to play at the market normally for enjoying a sense of fun to watch the petals which are still trembling in the morning dew, and till then choose for them the most beautiful bouquet. In the market, flowers are everywhere, in the simple buckets, on the old motorcycle seat or on bamboo stalls. Rose with soft and fragrant petals, shaking in the morning dew, forget-me-not petals fluttering, countless flowers flying scent all over the market area.


Fresh, fragrant and colorful flowers in the early morning

Each season, the market is brightened with different flower colors. New Year’s night-time is the busiest occasion of the flower market, where is filled with peach branches, gladiolus, Dahlia and violet. Summer is deep in scent of lotus or white color of lilies. Autumn is bright with yellow daisy, heather-bell, forget-me-not and winter are rose or carnation. In all four those flower seasons, roses never lack, Night flower market has the presence of the most famous flower planting locations such as Tay Tuu, Tu Liem, Me Linh and distant places like Da lat and or even China, the Netherlands … In addition to the flowers have long been in the market such as daisies, roses, heath, gerbera, the market now has more flower kinds such as lilies, iris, delphiniums flower, tulip … In the market, people do not just sell flowers, but also accessories such as flower baskets, porous plug, ribbon, floral wrap, wire comes with a variety of leaf help flower arrangement easy.

At dawn, selection of flowers is completed; the florists carry them to all over the streets. The bike loaded with flowers pouring into the morning road, past the old men doing morning exercise by the windy West Lake, passing the breakfast mini stall to prepare their business … The city wakes up in the surprise at the beauty of flowers.


Good morning Hanoi!

Come to Hanoi and immerse yourself into such beautiful night markets! Don’t forget to prepare for a Vietnam visa before you reach here. For example, if you look for a visa to Vietnam from Singapore, kindly read more on:

Also, has full guide to help you apply Vietnam visa & experience Vietnam as a local in the most convenient way. Feel free to contact us via Hotline +84. 946.583.583.