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We are a group of 8 friends planning to go to Vietnam on 23rd  September. We want to find out how much the service charge for your website is, and is it in USD or SGD.



Dear Anusha,

Please be informed that the service fee for Vietnam visa not only depends on number of applicants in your group but also type of Vietnam visa you wish to apply. But one thing for sure that, with group of 8 travelers, you will get a very preferential price. It is in USD. And it is US $15.25/person for 1-month single entry visa, US $19.25/person for 1-month multiple entry visa and US $25.25/person for 3-month single entry visa.

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Nha Trang in Vietnam - Vietnam visa from singapore

Vietnam named among 6 safe holiday destinations

The UK-based newspaper The Independent has recently released the list of six once-dangerous countries that are now safe for spending holidays, and it is great for Vietnam to have its name included in the list. And if you want to visit this country, please make sure you obtain a Vietnam visa before your departure if required as in case it is required and you don’t have one, your entry to Vietnam will be refused.

Nha Trang in Vietnam - Vietnam visa from singapore

Despite experiencing various wars for decades, Vietnam recently has experience strong development, stay out from war, and provide travelers with sense of safety when staying in the country.

And as suggested by The Independent, those who wish to learn more about the wars of Vietnamese and see how strong they are as well as how well they did to overcome such wars, the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh city is a good choice.