Vietnam visa for Singaporean passport holders

2 Requirements to Get Business Visa on Arrival to Vietnam for Singaporeans

At the moment, obtaining a business visa to Vietnam online for Singaporeans has been made much easier. This process now requires the business travelers no submission any any document, sponsorship or invitation letter.

There are only 2 requirements to obtain this kind of visa for Singaporeans as follows:

  1. Their passport should be valid for at least 6 months since their arrival date; and
  2. They travel to Vietnam by air.

How many kinds of business visa on arrival available for Singaporeans?

At the moment, there are up to 5 types of visa available online for travelers to Vietnam for business purpose, namely:

  1. 1 month single entry visa
  2. 3 months single entry visa
  3. 3 months multiple entry visa
  4. 6 months multiple entry visa, and
  5. 1 year multiple entry visa.

How to obtain business visa on arrival to Vietnam for Singaporeans?

Get Vietnam visa Cheap and Easy

This process is very simple as mentioned above. Travelers only need to go online at, fill out the form, and pay for service fee at step 3.

And then, within 7 working days, will send an email containing the visa approval letter and detailed guide to complete the process.

This processing time can be shortened depending on what kind of service you choose (3 working days for urgent processing and 2 working days for super urgent processing).

Then, when you check in at departure airport, you need to show this letter to get on board and then show it together with other documents and stamping fee as guided to pick up full visa at Vietnam airport.

How much does it cost?

Vietnam visa fee and costTo use business visa on arrival to Vietnam, Singaporean travelers need to pay two kinds of fee: service fee and stamping fee. While the former is paid online to for processing visa approval letter (as such, it is sometimes called visa approval letter cost), the latter is paid in cash to Vietnam immigration officer at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped there.

While the latter is fixed for each type of visa, the former is flexible depending on number of applicants and type of processing time.

For more details about its cost, please refer to

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.